Articles About Elkins Park

Hear what others are saying about our community!

From Viewpoint Magazine (Spring 2012):

“A leafy oasis to call home.”

“Elkins Park is an idyllic neighborhood, home to a warm, torah-based Jewish community. Ancient, leafy trees line the streets, streams cross throughout the neighborhood, and children enjoy the terrific parks that dot the landscape. It is picturesque, spacious, and yet close enough for a weekend or weeknight trip to New York or New Jersey for a l’chaim or chasana.”

From The Jewish Exponent (March 2011):

“[E]ntic[ing]” because of neighborhood’s “relatively affordable housing, proximity to Orthodox day schools[,] the existence of an eruv, [and] a nearby kosher bakery.”

From The Jewish Voice (September 2008):

“It is fair to say that the warm and caring community in Elkins Park is one of the best-kept secrets in American Orthodoxy.”